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    league of legends full screen flickering !


      I was playing league of legends from while normally in full screen mode but I didn't play the game for 3 months when I back to play it in full screen mode .. the screen is flickering and I have to make it in windows or borderless mode to play normally but it casues fps drop so I need to fix full screen mode .


      processor :- Intel core(TM) i5-4200 CPU  1.60GHz  2.30GHz

      Ram :- 4.00 GB

      system type :- 64 bit



      note :- sorry about my bad english



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          Hello OmarHussein,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          Could you please provide us with your graphics report?

          Go to Intel® Graphics and Control Panel > Options > information Center > Save.


          Also, I will appreciate if you can post the msinfo32.

          1. Please press Windows Key + R to open the Run Menu
          2. Type msinfo32 and click OK
          3. While viewing the System Summary node go to File then Save (Please do not use Export)
          4. Save your MSINFO32 report as msinfo32.nfo on your desktop for easy access and then you can post it here.


          Best regards,