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    Intel C204 chipset port multiplier support

      Intel C204 chipset : Native Device capabilities enquiry

      Have a HP-Proliant-MicroServer-Gen8-G1610T.

      Is it the case;

      Ports 1-2 support SATA Gen 3.0.
      Ports 3-5 support SATA Gen 2.0.
      In non-AHCI mode;

      Ports 4-5 support FIS port multiplication (PM).

      The issue of PM is confusing. Please refer to the attached extract from the datasheet.

      Is it the case, where bit 17 of the Host Capabilities Register of the PCH is set. PM is disabled but that

      otherwise, is enabled, I can use an appropriate PM IC and the PCH will translate FIS PM transactions?

      The above on bit 17 of course would be subject to SKU and OEM/ODM vendor firmware BIOS provided,
      so far as, where applicable, the vendor may configure SKU registers to ends, other than natively provided.


      OEM/ODM Vendor settings notwithstanding, Where available, natively, infers the C204 will translate

      FIS from a PM adapter, e.g. where such an adapter has a PM chip and supports, as is typical, 4/5 HDDs.

      I would like to use 4 of SSD on the relevant ports if this can be done.


      Any help, advice appreciated. Please advise.