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    New TV Says no Input


      I have no problem running the Compute Stick on 2 of my TV's, a no name 720p 32" and a 42" Phillips 1080p. I now have a VIZIO 65" E65x-C2 and when I try and run the Compute Stick it says no display. It will not show anything. My PS4 and Mac Book Pro work with the TV just fine using HDMI. But no luck getting the Compute Stick working on my new TV. I have updated the Intel Graphics software thinking maybe it was that, but no dice.


      Have any suggestions on how to get this to work?

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          Hello, PingDesigns:


          Does the issue persists when you have the Intel® Compute Stick powered by the adapter?



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            I have two Vizios. The stick works on one but not the other. I found while doing some research that there are some problems with some models of Vizios and the ICS.

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              Is there any chance you can share that research?



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                I am using the power supply and not the USB on the back of the VIZIO. It appears to be a VIZO problem and after calling them they stated they cannot support the Compute Stick. I'm also having problems getting my Macbook Pro working with this TV as well but my PS4 works fine.


                I cannot believe as long as HDMI has been in use that it's still a problem getting it to work all the time. Especially when you consider a majority of TV's now only come with HDMI inputs. This TV doesn't even have RCA's, serial, or component inputs. I figured since I had no issues with my Philips and HDMI use it would all be fine. Guess I'm wrong on that note.

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                  It's been a while since I dealth with the Vizio issue so I don't recall where I got the information. But it might have been from a Vizio website/forum. I tried one of my Vizios and it didn't work. So I put it on the second one and it worked there, so that was all I needed and I didn't spend the time trying to resolve the problem.

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                    It appears to be related to cables of quality, length, interference, or angle going through the wall. Scouring over the interwebs to find a solution I came across posts about HDMI cables and the way the signal works within them. It appears the signal can be deflected if the cable is bent at a sharp angle are they can be susceptible to interference. 


                    I had already tried all the cables that were through my wall that worked with other devices but did not work for the Compute Stick or occasionally my Mac. I bought a thick 6' HDMI cable and plugged it into the side of the VIZIO and they both work on that cable, even though I was using this same port through the wall.


                    This leads me to believe that being my cables are 10' and running across the TV, up in a hole in the wall, down through the wall, and out another hole before it goes through my entertainment center before reaching any devices. My concern is the bend in the HDMI cables behind my TV that is mounted to the wall. I'm now thinking my cables either have to much of a bend, are getting interference inside the wall (electrical wires), or the 10' long cables are the problem.


                    I'm going to get a heavy shielded and higher end HDMI cable to run through the wall and try that out. I really do not want wires hanging off my mounted TV.


                    On a side note, why do they put the input slots on most TV's all the way at the end of the TV. In the case of a 65" like mine, you loose 2' of wire before you even get it in the hole that is centered. The power wire has to go in the opposite direction on my television, so my hole in the wall is centered with the TV. Rant over.

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                      Cables were not the issue in my case; I plugged the stick directly into the TV. It worked on one Vizio but not on the other. .

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                        Digging around online looking for answers to my problem, it appears VIZIO and Samsung are plagued with HDMI issues. I looked at Samsung because I was contemplating returning the VIZIO and getting a Samsung. Looking at reviews for the two in the same price range, VIZIO had the better picture for a living room. The Samsung had low light and bad reflection from what I read.


                        I love the quality of this VIZIO though.


                        On a side note. Now that the Compute Stick is working, it's working great. I'm running blu ray quality videos off my external hard drive with no problems at all.

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                          Hello all,


                          Thank you for sharing your feedback. I am glad to hear that you were able to resolve your issue.


                          If you need further assistance let us know.