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    Windows 10 and DG965RY - wake timers broken


      Hi, Everyone.

      I've owned the DG965RY Intel Motherboard for about 9+ years.

      With Windows 7, the wake timers worked fine. (Wake timers allow the computer to wake itself up on it's own based on scheduled activities.)

      I upgraded to Windows 10 this past Saturday.

      My DVR application would not wake up the computer.

      After further investigation, nothing was waking up the computer.

      powercfg -waketimers would show that the timers are indeed in the computer, but the machine would not awake from sleep.

      I have the most recent bios and drivers installed.

      Just to be sure, I did a fresh install of Windows 10 yesterday.

      Same issue. The computer is not waking up.

      powercfg -waketimers would still show that the timers are in the queue.

      Wakeup worked flawlessly under Windows 7.

      So, something is different in Windows 10 and it's broken waketimers functionality with my motherboard.

      It's a real bummer because Windows 10 runs rather nicely on this motherboard. I actually like it better than 7. I think it runs a tad bit faster.

      Now I'm not expecting Intel to release an updated Bios to fix this issue on a 10 year old motherboard.

      But I did want to document this in case someone else comes along and is struggling with the same issue and also as a warning that users of this motherboard should take this information into consideration before upgrading to Windows 10.

      Having said that, if anyone has any suggestions at this point, I'm all ears. (Like, is there a different bios that is for a different board but will function on this motherboard that could solve the problem.)

      I would like to open an incident with Microsoft so they can add this to their list of items to fix. Does anyone have any direction on how I can open an incident with them, etc.?

      Thanks! And have a great day!