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    I2C Bus 6 Not Working on Intel Edison Arduino Breakout


      I am trying to build a quadcopter using the Edison- It has plenty of tech goodies to get the job done.


      I have run into issues recently:


      I need to interface with several devices that use I2C protocol. Reading through the datasheet for the Intel Edison Arduino Breakout; I found that the only available I2C bus is bus 6. The bus can be accessed through SDA/SCL or A4/A5. I wired up a Sparkfun accelerometer:


      SparkFun Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - ADXL345



      VCC >> 3V (From Edison Expansion Board)

      VSS >> GND

      SDA >> SDA

      SCL >> SCL


      (Also tied the pin that selects between SPI and I2C High)


      The I ran the command i2cdetect -r -y 6. This is where everything went horribly wrong: I got a "YOU MAY CONFUSE THE SYSTEM" message. When I decided to move forward the Edison started printing the address table really slow! I tried a billion and one times to figure it out!!!


      I'm starting to pull my hair out!


      Help would be appreciated!