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    I'm creating a follow up video to highlight some of the NUC5/6 issues discussed here - please contribute


      Hi all


      I used to post here on the Intel discussion boards (mostly due to issues with my NUC5i5RYK), unfortunately my account was closed due to inactivity, so I started a new one.  I created a Youtube video about a week ago with a quick into to the Skylake NUC6i5SYK and will be creating a follow up video to discuss some of the more prominent issues with the NUC6 (and NUC5 if required).


      The original video is here: Intel NUC6i5SYK - YouTube (my first one, so be kind).


      Anyway, if you have specific issues that you'd like me to mention then please comment here.  I've seen numerous mentions of problems with the 033 BIOS, issues with installing Windows 7 and watching 3D Blu-Rays via PowerDVD.   I am sure there are plenty more, so if you have issues that seem to be ignored by Intel (I've been down that road myself) then let me know.