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    Is iSCSI over DCB supported on m630 blade server with intel x520 NIC?



      we have a m1000e blade center with m630 blades.
      Each of them is equipped with Integrated NIC: Intel Ethernet 10G 2P X520-k bNDC

      the blade center chassis has two MXL switches in a stack. The iSCSI uplink ports are connected to ToR switch stack over LAG. The ToR stack consist of two Dell N4032F switches.

      PS6210 storage array is connected to these ToR switches.

      The MXL switches will have both LAN and iSCSI traffic, therefore I was looking into option to allow DCB.


      Are there any steps to allow iSCSI over DCB?

      Does this NIC support iSCSI priority TLVs at all?




      a) host runs ESXi 5.5

      b) I didn't find Intel cards in Dell Storage compatibility Matrix for iSCSI over DCB.

      c) what is shown on MXL-stack port towards blade server:

      MXL-stack#show interfaces te0/1 pfc detail


      Interface TenGigabitEthernet 0/1
           Admin mode is on
           Admin is enabled
           Remote is disabled
           Local is enabled, Priority list is 4
           Oper status is internally propagated
           PFC DCBX Oper status is Down
           Reason: Waiting for Peer
           State Machine Type is Symmetric
           TLV Tx Status is enabled
           PFC Link Delay 65535 pause quntams
           Application Priority TLV  Parameters :
           FCOE TLV Tx Status is enabled
           ISCSI TLV Tx Status is enabled
           Local FCOE PriorityMap is 0x8
           Local ISCSI PriorityMap is 0x10


           0 Input TLV pkts, 26199 Output TLV pkts, 0 Error pkts, 0 Pause Tx pkts, 0 Pause Rx pkts
           0 Input Appln Priority TLV pkts, 0 Output Appln Priority TLV pkts, 0 Error Appln Priority TLV Pkts