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    SR2625URLX Server - Will Not POST




      I'm new to Intel Servers and would appreciate any advice. We have a SR2625URLX server that will not POST. We tried connecting a monitor to both VGA connectors (front and back) but still no luck getting it to display boot or any information on the screen at all.


      When we power it on, it starts the fans at full speed (very loud) and there are amber LED lights on 4 of the cooling fans. It runs the fans at full throttle constantly until we power the sever down.


      We tried it with dual CPUs installed and single CPU installed. We also tried changing the memory DIMM configurations (moved to different slots & tried changing the number of DIMMs) but still no luck.


      I forgot to note the status of the rear LED "nibbles" but when I last checked, these were green but I don't remember which ones were lit and which ones weren't. I can get this information if it is needed.


      Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!