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    problem regarding the text and image rendering


      Dear intel community,


      I am using ASUS Z97A motherboard and intel 4th generation core  I5 4440 PROCESSOR 3.1 Ghz.  and win 8.1.


      images and text are appearing blurry everywhere even though I update my drivers to the latest versions. Both the processor and the motherboard are newly bought. I usually use the scaling level to 150% in display settings.


      In the BIOS itself alone without actually proceeding to OS  it seems to me the text is looking blurry like they are chopped. This blurriness continues to the OS. Image looking dull, pale and unclear. Text is like unrounded, chopped. I tried in all D-SUB HDMI DVI but no useful.


      The processor that I am using supports intel HD graphics 4600.


      I am unable to find out whether the motherboard is failing me or the processor integrated graphics . Even though the graphics card used proved to be unfruitful.


      I really appreciate your help in this regard.


      specifications:WIN 8.1 64 bit, ASUS Z97A , KINGSTON 1600MHz  4GBram , i5 3.1GHz 4440, BENQ monitor GW2255HM (1900*1080)

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          Hello, Ganiee:


          • Could you please let us know the driver version you are running? Please go to Device Manger> Display adapters> Intel(R) HD Graphics right click on Properties and then go to Driver, you will be able to see the version installed.
          • What type connections are you using?
          • Have you tried installing the Intel® HD Graphics driver from Z97-A | Motherboards | ASUS USA?



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            Dear community,


            • with the problem being existed I upgraded to WINDOWS 10 from windows  8.1 .The driver version is with windows 10. when I was using windows   8.1 it is
            • single monitor in use with only  HDMI  connected.
            • No I have not tried from ASUS. when I installed win8.1 OS the display adapter had  installed automatically during checking the windows update. when I tried to install from motherboard dvd it alerted me that you are going to install the older version do you want to continue? I skipped this.
            • text is fuzzy and truncated in the BIOS itself. Display Driver software has nothing to do with the BIOS. Am I right?


            and one thing is when I run the intel driver update utility in win 8.1 it had not shown the installed version and the older version in the LATEST DRIVERS section but It has shown drivers only  in the OLDER DRIVERS section Is that anything helpful?





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              It is possible that this could be related to the HDMI cable, the monitor or the video port. Is there any chance you can test these elements separately? Try with a different HDMI cable, then try with the VGA port instead of the HMDI port and if possible try with a monitor.


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                I tried with SAMSUNG monitor which has only d-sub port but still the problem is on.


                Prior to ASUS Z97A motherboard I used ASUS Z97K which has got good rendering of images and text.


                when I shifted to ASUS Z97A with the new processor (same specifications as the one that I have used with Z97K), new RAM  text looking fuzzy truncated and eyes are getting strained .

                This issue is showing up in the BIOS itself without proceeding  to OS. After OS has loaded every application I am going through has got same problem either it is apps or UI. I tried with all the ports but the outcome is same.


                I really appreciate your help as I am unable to trace out whether the problem is with  the processor or the motherboard.

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                  According to your description it might be possible that the graphics portion of the processor is damaged, since you were able to test it with a different motherboard and the issue still persists I would recommend to contact us at Contact Support in order to check the replacement options for your processor.



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                    Thank you for your support .

                    Thank you very much  Amy.

                    I am happy to hear that from you.