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    Can you help a poor Lenovo 730 AIO user with a display Wake Up problem?


      Hi all. We Lenovo 730 AIO users are pulling our hair out on a Lenovo forum. Ever since upgrading from Windows 8 to either 8.1 or 10, wake from deep sleep mode is broken for the display only (the hard drive light flashes and cd rom spins, so other parts are waking up).  Happens if left in sleep mode overnight but shorter sleep durations seem to have worked fine, so must be in S3 or something like that. Only fix is soft reboot, or sometimes hard reboot (meaning computer needs to be unplugged before reboot to get it to work correctly). I recently installed an updated Intel driver from this Intel support site that mentioned it had a fix for wake from sleep problem, version After installing, overnight sleep problem fixed, but after computer reaches next turn off monitor state, display will not come back on again! So one thing fixed and another thing broken so it seems. sill aggravating. Our only solution is to never do sleep mode, which is increasing CO2 production!  Any help is appreciated. 


      Computer has Intel HD4600 chipset. Computer model above.


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          Hello, listmanj:


          There are different settings in the BIOS related to S3, S4 and S5 that would affect this, double check the recommendations from the manufacturer of the device while waking the device up from these states.


          Also, check the power options related to USB in your device, this can be checked in advanced power options within Windows.


          You could also check if they have released an update for the graphics driver or BIOS that would help with this issue.


          The recommendation while using OEM devices and having this issues, is to contact the manufacturer of the device directly to get support.



          Esteban C