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    configure_edison --setup not working


      I am using Windows 10 & an Intel Edison Board.


      I have flashed my board multiple times with the Yocto 2.0 image, but the configure_edison --setup command always gives me an error and takes me to 'help' instead.


      I have been referring to this flashing guide: Flashing Intel® Edison (wired)—Windows* for Boards and Kits


      The reason I haven't flashed the Yocto 2.1 Image is beacuse whenever i copy it to the Edison, I  get a message saying I have run out of memory on the Edison.


      I need a solution please.


      --Jonathan Pereira.

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          Hi Jonathan,


          The 'configure_edison --setup' command will only work with the 2.1 Yocto update. You can just run 'configure_edison' instead without any parameters on your version and it will bring up the Edison's configuration screen.


          The 2.1 Yocto image is too big to perform an update by copying it over to the Edison's mass storage device; you'll have to flash the firmware using Flash Tool Lite. There's instructions on how to do this on the Edison user guide.



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            Ok So I followe the steps for Flashing the Latest Yocto Image and I got this error:


            01/25/16 09:42:51.560 WARNING: [Port 6/3] Command `C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Phone Flash Tool Lite\dfu-util.exe "--alt" "rootfs" "-D" "C:\Users\jonathanrjpereira\Downloads\edison-iotdk-image-280915 (1)\edison-image-edison.ext4" "-t" "4096" "-R" "-d" "8087:0a99"` timed out (1200 s)

            01/25/16 09:42:51.560 INFO : [Port 6/3] Retrying `"C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Phone Flash Tool Lite\dfu-util.exe" "--alt" "rootfs" "-D" "C:\Users\jonathanrjpereira\Downloads\edison-iotdk-image-280915 (1)\edison-image-edison.ext4" "-t" "4096" "-R" "-d" "8087:0a99"` command

            01/25/16 10:02:51.904 ERROR : [Port 6/3] Command `C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Phone Flash Tool Lite\dfu-util.exe "--alt" "rootfs" "-D" "C:\Users\jonathanrjpereira\Downloads\edison-iotdk-image-280915 (1)\edison-image-edison.ext4" "-t" "4096" "-R" "-d" "8087:0a99"` timed out (1200 s)


            And the flash status: Flash Failed

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              Hello jonathanrjpereira,


              If you are getting errors when trying to flash the Edison with Flash Tool Lite, I recommend you to try an alternative method to flash the module. The alternative method uses a script called flashall. I recommend you to check the following documents for additional details about flashing the Edison module. You will also find a guide to perform the alternative method:




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                Hi Jonathan,


                I would like to know if you tried with the methods Diego posted above.