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    Linux installed on Intel 730 and SSD toolbox


      I have an Intel 750 with Windows 7 on it.  I also have an Intel 730 with Linux on it.  I have no problems, these drives are just awesome (so far).  My question is, the 730 obviously shows up in windows when I run the SSD toolbox.  I ALMOST optimized the drive, which I haven't done yet.  Will it work?  Should I or should I not?  I'm curious about this as I have disabled all scheduling until I find out.


      Thanks in advance...

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          Hello DonLinux,


          The Intel® SSD Optimizer function in Intel® SSD Toolbox is used to optimize the SSD using TRIM functionality on any Intel® SSD detected by the Windows® system. However, if the Intel® SSD 730 has a bootable Linux partition, you can use Linux to run TRIM on that drive.


          You can TRIM the SSD in Linux using the "fstrim" command on a schedule/manually, or you can also do it mounting the filesystem with the "discard" option. We have checked multiple sources and the concensus is to schedule a cronjob in order to run "fstrim" periodically. In external Linux websites, users mentioned that the discard option may actually have a performance impact.


          You can find more information about this topic in the following thread: Trim command with SSD 400GB P3600

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            Thanks, I'm good to go then.  It through me since it shows up in the toolbox when I'm booted into Windows.