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    Intel graphics 4600 experiences black screen after windows logo



      I'm using the latest drivers for the device -

      The computer boots ok until Windows logo is shown, then the screen is getting black.

      I know that the system runs ok because I can connect to it using remote desktop.

      I also know that the monitor gets a signal (probably black or bad), as if it wasn't getting a signal it would start flipping analog / digital inputs looking for a signal.


      When uninstalling the Intel's driver (and using windows default driver) display is back to normal, but no acceleration exists so videos look awful, therefore this is unacceptable.

      I can run safe mode and switch to FHD resolution, and it runs ok. So everything which is HW is probably good.


      Motherboard - Gigabyte H87, Windows 7 SP1 desktop, connecting to the monitor with a DVI cable (which is obviously ok, see previous line).


      Please assist. This is a 2.5 y/o machine, I expect such issues not to exist in such a mature HW.