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    Games lose 5 fps after the second start


      Hello after several tests with the graphics settings on games I found a small detail that it seems a little strange, I noticed that practically starting a game for the first time such as Max Payne 3, its maximum is 30 fps, closing the game and i find that restarting loses about 5 fps than before, the same thing happens with all the games, after an initial start of a game, the next time you lose all 5 fps, and thus the only solution to recover and restart the pC and start only "a" once a game until the next reboot of the pC ...

      Do you have any idea of what could be the problem and / or if it is a bug of the graphics card ??


      I have an Intel HD 5500 with the latest beta driver .4326


      I await your response as soon as possible. Greetings