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    Chip comparison


      I am new here and have a question that is above my knowledge level.  I own two computers, one with a i7 Q720 running at 1.60 GHz, the machine currently has 4 .00GB of ram.  The other has a i5 M460 running at 2.53 GHz, this machine has 6.00 GB of ram.  Other than this both machines are about the same.  I am wanting to upgrade one of the machines.  Which one would be the best to upgrade based on the CPU in either?



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          Hello, maddmax:


          I would like you to check the link below, where you can find both processors compared.

          ARK | Compare Intel® Products


          I would say that the i7-720QM has a little bit more of juice than the other processor.


          Note that depending on the motherboard you own, the upgrades you can perform in your system, also if it is an OEM pre-built system, that would also affect what you could upgrade or not.


          If you would like to, you can provide me with the model of your Motherboard or the Brand/model of your device to better assist you.



          Esteban C