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    On NUC6i5SYK Ubuntu Linux 15.10 display goes to sleep immediately after splash screen appears


      I installed Ubuntu Linux 15.10 from a USB thumb drive on my NUC6i5SYK.  I had to add 'nomodeset' to get the LiveCD environment to boot, as the display would sleep if I didn't (as described Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH - Boot - only mouse pointer appears (Xubuntu 14.04, 14.10) - Ask Ubuntu and other places).  I was able to successfully install Ubuntu from the LiveCD environment.  Now I see the same issue with the installed version, i.e. it gets to the splash screen and the display immediately sleeps. 'nomodeset' doesn't seem to do anything.


      If I add the 'nomodeset' to the GRUB line and hit F10, the purple background is displayed but the boot process freezes... keyboard and everything are unresponsive.  I have to cold boot.


      Any ideas?

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