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    HDMI as default sound and fan monitoring ?



      Anyone knows how to set HDMI as the default output sound ?


      Also, I can't get work Speedfan nor HDmonitor for fan speeds, they just shows HDD temperatures. Anyone knows a program able to show the fans speed on this DG45FC motherboard ?


      Many thanks


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          What Operating System - ? SpeedFan ( latest 4.40 ) has issues with UAC and privileges. Using Windows 7 I've had to modify the privileges of the app to allow it to detect all the sensors. There also seems to be a dependency on the latest Intel Management Engine driver.

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            Thanks REALLY much for your help.


            Actually I'm on W7 x64 with the latest Speedfan version 4.40. Does picking an older version fix the problem ?


            I can tell you that I had to install several times the W7 because of a small problem with its boot partition (100MB) that tried to install this particular partition on another disk than my system (SSD Intel on an eSATA port). Anyway, I remember that once I got Speedfan to show everything even the fan speeds but I am unable to tell you in what conditions (maybe I was daydreaming ) and unable to revert back to those conditions.


            Would you PLEASE guide me on how to change the priviledges to make it work ?


            Also I don't understand the dependency with the Intel Management Engine drivers! Actually I tried to install the Intel Desktop Management tools (after unsuccessful Speedfan) and it told me it needs the Management Engine drivers. So the Intel tool needs those drivers but why Speedfan could need them too ?


            Honestly, after reading all the existing bugs in the Intel release notes, I prefer to not install Intel tools and greatly prefer to fix the Speedfan issue.


            So many thanks in advance for your help


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              i agree, fanspeed was junk under win7... wouldn't work. looked like junk anyways (just my opinion, interface looked 1990-ish)... depending on your board, you can download intel's own hardware monitoring utility, the desktop control center... which monitors and reports everything from CPU speed, individual core utilization, fan speed, memory settings, PCI bus settings, processor and other thermal monitors for temperature... which also allows you to manually control the fan speed, if you so choose. here is a link to the general overview of the (free) product:




              failing that support on your board, i believe only the pro version of hwmonitor shows fan speeds? (or not... i dont think it shows on mine either).... there is another program i use... gah. i can't remember the name right now... drawing a blank. main computer is down unfortunately.


              try the intel util i mentioned, if not that, then they have a lower-end product called simply "intel desktop utilities" which does the same hardware monitoring and reporting. look at support.intel.com and look where you'd normally do a search for your drivers, then select "software" from the rightmost column. i'll get back to you on the other software.   


              [edit: sorry, again, not fully reading before responding... sleep deprived. sorry.]


              what is the model of your motherboard? i see you tried to intel utility.... but are kind of vague on which one.... can you tell us the exact name of the intel product, or better yet, provide a link of where you got it from? that would help out a lot.

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                Thanks anyway for answering.


                As stated in my first post I'm on DG45FC miniITX motherboard (G4 chipset). Your suggestion doesn't apply in my MB model.


                I'm not against intel tools provided it works! but reading the release notes for Intel Desktop Utilities, not only there remains lots of issues unresolved (actually I wonder what is working!) but it also asks to install the Management Engine. So all of these just to see how fast my fans are spinning, I'd prefer a 90ish looking interface of Speedfan if it works.


                However I'm always open to any suggestion




                EDIT: here is the link for everything supported on DG45FC and Windows 7 x64 (my case):