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    PXE WinPE Drivers for 6th Gen NUC (NUC6i3SYK)




      We've purchased a couple of the newer 6th Gen NUC systems and have encountered issues using WDS and MDT to image them the same way as we have with the 5th Gen NUCs we used previously.


      We PXE boot them and use the LiteTouch x64 boot image to run through the process of installing the OS.  This is running on Windows Server 2012.

      On the 6th gen units we receive an error stating "The following network device did not have a driver installed", and the process fails.


      I imagine we need to somehow update the boot image to include supported LAN network drivers.  This is quite surprising as the details I can find on the Intel site seem to point to the 5th and 6th gen as having the same network adapters, using the same driver packages.

      We have injected the newer driver packing into the Out-Of-Box drivers, updated the deployment share and replaced the boot image, all with no joy.


      Any advice or assistance will be gratefully received.


      Good eggs.