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    Driver Utility MALWARE removal instructions


      I was having problems with my Intel HD 4600 graphics on an HP laptop with win10 installed.  So, I checked the driver version and tried to update it, but it was the same one.  Then I went to the Intel site and DLd the updated one, whiDLing and installing the Driver Utility, but then thought better and uninstall it.  However, it left malware which was detected by Malwarebyted (quarantined) and Spybot (will not delete--keeps coming back).

      Now I see a patch for this released yesterday.  My question is this: does the updated utility include a removal for their prior mistake, and if not, HOW DO I GET RID OF IT.  I actually had the EXACT same problem before with another driver utility.  HELP, PLEASE!!


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          Hi circa801,


          This program does not remove the Intel Driver Update Utility, but removes the Graphics Driver.


          Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V15.7.1.0 Released. - Wagnardmobile Forum


          It removes the Display Driver from the computer You run it from Safe Mode. Download the Graphic Driver you want to reinstall, first, before booting into Safe Mode.


          Note:The Intel Driver Update Utility communicates with Intel to download the correct Drivers. If the program is prevented from doing that, then it isn't going to work.

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            hi, thecreator.  thanks for answering, but that is not the problem--i HAVE uninstalled the driver utility--and i know what its purpose is.  i downloaded it because at the time, HP was giving me the runaround and i was unable to install the intel drivers, as i kept getting an error message telling me to dl from the mfr--which was an outdated driver.  before i thought about it and realized i could manually install the correct one, i had already made the mistake of dling the stupid utility which has a vulnerability (well, HAD, because they patched it AFTER i had already been infected).  it is NOT the driver itself which caused the problem--it was the utility--which was uninstalled as soon as i realized my mistake.  what i need to know is how to get this CRAP off my computer..  i am not going through ANOTHER clean install... thanks.

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              Hi circe801,


              You might want to sign up for McAfee Beta, here: McAfee® Beta Program | Home & Home Office Beta | McAfee


              Remember you don't need to leave it installed, if you don't want it. I would run it without Graphic Drivers being installed. And let it remove anything it finds.


              Do you use a similar program like Acronis True Image, in which you can restore an image?

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                hi again, thecreator.  well, i solved the problem by doing a system restore, but that rolled back my driver.  tried a manual install, but every time i point to the folder and try to install, i am told that the best driver is already installed.  however, that is an outdated driver.  how to deal with this?  last time i had no problem with the manual install...

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                  Hi circe801,


                  Download the latest driver, first and do not install. Use the Display Driver Uninstaller in Safe Mode. After rebooting the computer, install the driver you downloaded, directly from Intel and restart the computer. If you cannot get into Safe Mode, using F8, use msconfig and click on the Boot Tab. You need to click Apply then okay. Exit without restarting. Make sure that everything is set up, before rebooting the computer.


                  If you need help, I can help via TeamViewer, if you would like me too.