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    Intel HD 4400 Driver For Vista


      Hi,I want to ask where i can find the driver for windows vista x64


      Since Intel Has forcibly added their chipsets and graphics,It is our very right to ask for a driver for any O/S,Whether Dated or Outdated



      I prefer Vista Over 7,8,10, But Thats Not the Point,The point is,Since Intel Forcibly Gives Us their Products Inbuilt,We Should Have The Option of Choosing Our O/S Be It XP,Vista,7,8,10


      Intel Should Provide Drivers For Each And Every O/S, Nevertheless Discontinued,Outdated


      Intel Probably Discontinued Vista Drivers Seeing No one Using it , Though They Are Wrong , There are atleast 10,000 people using vista and are happy with it , I want Vista Too, False Critism Wont affect me


      Many People Want to Install Vista But Are Unable to do so Due to Lack of drivers, WHY? Intel saw less population on XP/Vista so they discontinued the Drivers.When We Have Paid Money For an intel Item


      Forcibly We Deserve the Choice of O/S, Now As of 2014 XP is discontinued, So intel Stopped Drivers for them.


      Even Nvidia Supports XP/Vista till today and we arent forced into buying those As we can select only for running a system on "Intel"


      I really Want Intel to stop acting Retarded, Ok they discontinued an O/S? Atleast Give Us Drivers on Special Requests, And Not Only Supporting Vista, Im Supporting All O/S from Windows 2000 to 10


      There are still people modifying drivers to get them to work on windows 2000 why? Intel Didnt Give them Support. Think Im Lying? Go to MSFN.org and Find Out,They Wanted 2000 and Felt it as a better choice Over Newer O/S


      I Would Request Intel to Give Me a Driver For Intel HD 4400 for Vista X64


      Also Leave your thoughts below.