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    No accelerate Option in RST - tried many things


      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to sut up intel RST on my system. I want to use my spare 64GB plextor ssd to accelarate my second HDD. I use this HDD to store my games but I want faster loading times. I have secured the SSD i want to use as cache, the BIOS was already in RAID mode but i don't see the "accelarate" option anywhere. RST sees my SSD.


      I have tried to look online and I've tried these solutions:

           - Shrinking the OS by 200-300MB

           - Shrinking the drive that I want to accelarate by 200-300MB

           - Made sure the BIOS was in RAID mode (it is)

           - Tried to use the cache SSD formatted and unformatted (unallocated)

           - Tried to acces this feature by pressing ctrl-i when booting, the only option i have there is creating RAID-disks

           - Tried making the disk I want to use as cache a hibernation partition

           - Tried to follow this guide: How to Set Up Intel Smart Response SSD Caching Technology | PCWorld

           - Updated the BIOS to latest version

           - Updated all chipset drivers


      None of these solutions worked and i'm stumped...


      Some more pictures to help: