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    p4 processor question, can anyone plz help


      Ok guys, first time here, lets see heres my problem i have a bit of a quandary here. i have the following processors 550 p4 w-ht 3.2 gig 32 bit- processor number SL7J8 521 p4 w-ht 2.8 gig 64 bit- processor number SL8HX now the problem is im running the 3.4ghz 32 bit processor right now and its fairly quick but i have 4 gig of ram and want to run windows 7 (64 bit) instead of xp(32 bit), so i want to go to a 64 bit processor which i have but its only a 2.8ghz .  The question is would i notice much of a performance loss running the 2.8 - 64 bit processor with Win7 than i had with the 32 bit 3.4 and 32bit XP?????????????? The specs on my machine at the moment are P4 3.4 gig 32 bit 4 gig DDR2 ram-matched sets-has 4 slots cd/dvdrw drive dual sata harddrives Radeon 4670 video card PCI-e 512 meg(I love this card!!!!) Could someone PLEASE help clear this up

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          The biggest bennifet to running a 64 bit operating system is that you can have MORE that 4 GB of RAM so if you upgraded the RAM to something like PC6400 8GB DDR2 (assuming the computer is a DDR2 machine) installed in 2 4gb kits that it would actually speed up the computer consiterably to have the slower processor and more RAM in theory, however 4GB of RAM is a lot to run with windows 7 and you shouldend need to upgrade the RAM at all, as a point of fact I would assume that you were one of many that upgraded to XP SP3 if so just installing windows 7 i386 (32 bit) should make your computer so fast that you wont want the 64 bit at all or the headach that comes with the long term headachs caused by a casual surfer supporting it.