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    HD graphics driver


      Trying to upgrade my graphics driver on a tablet with an Atom Z3740 and HD graphics. The tablet is a Lenovo Miix 2 8" running Windows 10 32-bit. I'm having some issues.


      Summary: I appear to be downloading, but am getting installed. The utility tells me 15.... is the latest version. I can see and download this version from the Intel drivers site as well. Maybe the driver is misnamed?


      1. The Intel Driver Update Utility is telling me my installed version is and that the latest version is I recently downloaded this utility, so it's the current version.

      2. When the utility downloads and installs this version, I get a warning that my tablet has a newer version of the driver - it shows me

      3. I say yes to install anyway. Once done and I reboot and run the Intel Driver Update Utility. I'm now running and it again shows as the latest version.

      4. I try to install it from the utility again. After a reboot I get the same thing I described in 3 above.

      5. I have downloaded the driver manually and installed. Same problem.


      Another issue with the driver update utility: When I change the Windows 10 scaling to 125% in display settings, the driver update app won't show the bottom of the screen nor a scroll bar. There's no way to start an update when the display scaling is increased, which is common on smaller tablets. All the other apps I run handle display scaling correctly.