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    4690k integrated graphics display driver crashes and then recovers


      Hello! I have a 4690k and I'm just using the integrated graphics. I am getting constant display driver crashes under Windows 7 when I watch videos or any GPU intensive tasks (even youtube). I have tried every driver from my motherboard's page (it is an Asus z97-a motherboard) and every Intel generic driver up to the latest version.


      I have seen the a thread in which a guy adds some more voltage to his graphics in order to fix the issue. My motherboard's overclocking software (AI suite 3) only overclocked the CPU, I have not tried overclocking it manually from the BIOS as I did not find any easy setting to just turn it up but I don't think I should be doing any overclocking just to fix this issue. Evey other driver is up to date, including chipset and all the Asus utilities such as the Probe Sense 2 driver. Even Windows 7 is up date as well. I have also tested all my RAM sticks and the problem persists.


      There is also this registry fix: Windows 10 - Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered - YouTube


      I tried both values, 8 and 10 under all possible drivers (manufacturer's and Intel's), the problem persists. Under GNU/Linux the problem is non existent as far as I have tested, but I do really need Windows for my work. Is this a known issue? Surely I don't need to buy a dedicated GPU just to make this problem go away.