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    HD 4600 graphics resolution




      I have just bought some Dell desktop PCs (2 last month and 2 this month).


      Some of them came with the Intel HD 4400 Graphics card and the other 2 with the Intel HD 4600 graphics card all connected via VGA.

      I need to set the resolutions to 1280x768.


      If I connect the same monitor to each PC through a KVM it is detected as a PnP monitor and the resolution can be set to 1280x768.

      However if I then connect the monitor directly to each PC (in turn) the resolution adjusts and to 1366x768 (native). Now I can not select 1280x768. The monitor is now identified as Asus VS197.


      Is there a way of forcing the resolution at 1280x768 when connecting the monitor directly to the PC.


      Thanks for any help.