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    P4 processor help plz, can anyone answer


      Ok guys, first time here, lets see heres my problem i have a bit of a quandary here. i have the following processors


      550 p4 w-ht 3.2 gig 32 bit- processor number SL7J8

      521 p4 w-ht 2.8 gig 64 bit- processor number SL8HX


      now the problem is im running the 3.4ghz 32 bit processor right now and its fairly quick but i have 4 gig of ram and want to run windows 7 (64 bit) instead of xp(32 bit), so i want to go to a 64 bit processor which i have but its only a 2.8ghz .   The question is would i notice much of a performance loss running the 2.8 - 64 bit processor with Win7 than i had with the 32 bit 3.4 and 32bit XP??????????????


      The specs on my machine at the moment are

      P4 3.4 gig 32 bit

      4 gig DDR2 ram-matched sets-has 4 slots

      cd/dvdrw drive

      dual sata harddrives

      Radeon 4670 video card PCI-e 512 meg(I love this card!!!!)


      Could someone PLEASE help clear this up

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          hihi ,


          i would recommend you to use a Intel 64bit enabled processor for your 64bit running applications..


          pls note that both processor model provide is not 64bit friendly.

          it is quite advisable to use 64bit processor on 64bit programs so the performance and benchmark will be up to maximum.

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            thanks for the response, but i went through intel and the 3.2 gig is absolutely not 32 bit and the 2.8 gig is 64 compatible EM64T    if i try to install xp,vista,or 7, 64 bit on the 3,4 gig it says incompatible, but it i put the 2.8 in it goes right through.  the main thing i was wondering is how much of a performance loss "speed wise" id lose by running the 2.8 with 64 bit vs the 3.4 with 32 bit?  plus i'd be able to access all 4 gb of my ram instead of the 3.5gb with 32 bit.

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              Hi Dellman


              so sorry for the bundler on the earlier post..


              well.. i would suggest that there is a slighty speed drop between the difference processor being used... although do take note that there are other factors too.. such as Memory speed, memory timings, HDD transfer speed,..


              Dun forget that your processor is a Older generation, which uses higher clock speed, More power and heat used..

              I would suggest Hyper threading also helps in 64bit applications, if i am not wrong.


              if you are using a 64 bit edition, you have a good chance using up to 128GB of memory installed on your board depend on different type of windows 64bits installed.


              ps: i just retire from the Pentium "Netburst Architechure".. so kind forget some basics..

              well.. PM me if you are interested in 945GTP and D946GZIS. from the post "what motherboard will this processor fit"

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                thanx, what i'd really like to find is a pentium d or celeron d processor but i only have the p4's to work with, if you have yahoo messenger hit me up there   Crooksville01