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    Strange CPU, Battery and Power Adapter Behaviour



      I have only recently began to monitor my computer's performance so bear with me if my questions are a bit stupid.


      First, the specs:

      Acer Aspire V3-572G Laptop

      Windows 10

      Intel Core i7-5500U CPU @2.40Ghz (Turbo Boost to 3.0Ghz)

      8 GB of DDR3 Ram

      1000GB HDD


      And these are my 3 problems:


      Problem 1

      No battery, only connected to power adapter.

      Even when the computer is completely idle, power limit throttling is constantly on 100%. Does the software or sensor get confused?


      Problem 2

      No battery, only connected to power adapter.

      The clock speed can’t go above 2.40Ghz, in spite of the fact that it is on high performance mode. This problem goes away when the battery is put back in.


      Problem 3

      Battery inserted and connected to power adapter.

      When I run performance tests such as Cinebench and prime95, power limit throttling almost immediately kicks in. I’ve noticed that it quickly reaches 15W which is my TDP. The CPU temperature is on average 83 degrees for core 1 and 84 degrees for core 2. Also, the core speed stays under 2.40Ghz for these tests (please see the screenshot below). Is it safe to raise the Watts limit and will this increase performance?

      Prime95 Test.PNG

      Thanks for looking into my problems. I look forward to hearing back from you.