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    7260 Driver-Only package v18.32.0 fails to install on Win10x64


      The issue is the same as that which I posted previously Re: 7260 for Win10x64 (Driver-Only) v18.30.0 Not Working


      I was once again able to use the Win8.1 x64 driver-only package which successfully installed the v18.32.0 driver.



      Here is the relevant info from my previous post (link above):


      The installer doesn't install the driver. It runs for a few seconds and exits.


      At runtime, the circular busy animation shows for a few seconds and closes out without any noticeable activity. FWIW, the installation package is much smaller in size than usual (18.8 MB) although the Win8.1 package is the usual size (~27 MB).


      I found a discussion thread here (LINK) from August confirming that the v18.13.xx drivers for the 7260 were left out or misplaced on the Win10 package, so it seems like this might have happened again. The recommendation in the link was to use the Win8.1 driver package instead, which I did, and it installed the new driver without any issue.