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    Poor after sales service in Hong Kong


      It is very frustrating experience on after sales service of Intel (Synnex). I normally prefer to have the Intel CPU processor because I picked it when I studied in college. They were stable with good quality. I never found they got hardware problem.


      Recently the old motherboard of my PC has been broken and I have decided to purchase a new motherboard with Intel CPU, COREI3-4160. After I installed new motherboard and CPU with my old RAM and hard disk. It failed to boot after with new window installation. I never think it is the CPU problem. So, I focus to verify the motherboard, RAM and hard disk. Lastly, they all confirmed and tested they are in good shape. So, I decided to carry the CPU to the Intel repair centre, Synnex, to check this out. During the test, Synnex confirmed the processor got some problem and agreed to replace a new one. But I need to visit the centre next day in order to get the new CPU. This is always not common practise in HK. Normally, service vendor would have spare on-site and could do the immediate replacement.


      After I collected the new CPU next day, I found same issue after installed into my PC. I called the Synnex and asked whether they could prepare the new CPU in advance if they found same issue on the current processor in coming visit. This could save my time to re-visit the centre in getting the new CPU and avoid to visit the centre couple times in order to fix this issue. Synnex told this is not possible because they don't have stock. I asked them whether there is any channel that I could feedback to intel on this. And their reply is no. They are the only one. I am very disappointed on this kind of service and I certainly need to consider to use other processor. Intel may have no more interest in serving the little retail end-user like me.


      My apologies if this is not the platform I should report this complaint.