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    Brillo + Intel Edison


      Hi Team,


      I have just started exploring Brillo+Edison.

      I have tried helloLED example and flashed Edison with helloLED.

      After flashing board keeps on rebooting.  Following is the debug.

      Any idea on this error?



      [    6.464742] init: Starting service 'avahi-daemon'...

      [    6.465994] init: Starting service 'bluetoothtbd'...

      [    6.467225] init: Starting service 'wpa_supplicant'...

      [    6.472059] init: Starting service 'keystore'...

      [    6.473336] init: Starting service 'media'...

      [    6.474485] init: Starting service 'nativepowerman'...

      [    6.475678] init: Starting service 'sensorservice'...

      [    6.476923] init: Starting service 'crash_reporter'...

      [    6.480827] init: Starting service 'crash_sender'...

      [    6.482083] init: Starting service 'metrics_daemon'...

      [    6.527395] logd.daemon: reinit

      [    6.930095] snd_intel_sst: request fw failed

      [    6.958390] init: Starting service 'perfprofd'...

      [    6.959694] init: Starting service 'tlsdated'...

      [    6.960973] init: Starting service 'update_engine'...

      [    6.962209] init: Starting service 'weaved'...

      [    6.963448] init: Starting service 'webservd'...

      [    6.964404] init: Service 'logd-reinit' (pid 118) exited with status 0

      [    6.967653] android_usb: already disabled

      [    7.022386] init: Starting service 'adbd'...

      [    7.054583] read descriptors

      [    7.054662] read descriptors

      [    7.054717] read strings

      $ [    7.210139]

      [    7.210139] Dongle Host Driver, version 1.141.59 (r)

      [    7.210139] Compiled in drivers/staging/edison-bcm43340 on Jan 19 2016 at 17:27:51

      [    7.210295] wl_android_wifi_on in

      [    7.227515] wifi_platform_set_power = 1

      [    7.838683] init: Service 'crash_reporter' (pid 132) exited with status 0

      [    7.924783] android_work: sent uevent USB_STATE=CONNECTED

      [    7.930171] android_work: sent uevent USB_STATE=DISCONNECTED

      [    8.016776] android_work: sent uevent USB_STATE=CONNECTED

      [    8.018360] android_usb gadget: high-speed config #1: android

      [    8.027960] android_work: sent uevent USB_STATE=CONFIGURED

      [    8.763367] F1 signature OK, socitype:0x1 chip:0xa94c rev:0x2 pkg:0x0

      [    8.771282] DHD: dongle ram size is set to 524288(orig 524288) at 0x0

      [    8.779813] dhdsdio_download_firmware: firmware path=/vendor/firmware/bcm43340/fw_bcmdhd_sta.bin, nvram path=/vendor/firmware/bcm43340/bcmdhd.cal

      [    9.054770] sdioh_request_buffer: [1] doing memory copy buf=f5707000, len=18

      [    9.081304] dhdsdio_write_vars: Download, Upload and compare of NVRAM succeeded.

      [    9.257913] dhd_bus_init: enable 0x06, ready 0x06 (waited 0us)

      [    9.268818] wifi_platform_get_mac_addr

      [    9.268928] wifi_get_mac_addr_intel: unable to open /config/wifi/mac.txt

      [    9.283218] Firmware up: op_mode=0x0015, MAC=90:b6:86:03:b2:1d

      [    9.314484] Firmware version = wl0: Jan 30 2015 19:22:32 version (r530911) FWID 01-5b07cccc

      [    9.324715] dhd_preinit_ioctls wl ampdu_hostreorder failed -23


      ! !



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          Hello Milan.J,


          I recommend you to take a look at the following thread: Brillo OS - Successfully Flashing. Another user posted a quick guide about flashing Brillo. He mentioned that he faced an issue with the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth drivers, but he was able to solve it. You might be getting a similar issue.


          If the board reboots itself during power cycling, then the issue might be with the power supply. Make sure the power supply works fine. If you are powering the board through the USB port, consider checking the cables or changing the USB port.


          On the other hand, I recommend you to contact Brillo  |  Google Developers. They are the experts with Brillo. Hopefully they will provide you a better assistance.




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            Thanks Diego!


            I found that after successful build, as per instructions, if I give

            fastboot devices -> provision -> fastboot reboot

            After fastboot reboot the board keeps on rebooting as I mentioned earlier.

            But if I power cycle the board i.e. connecting the USB cable again to power ON the board then problem disappears.


            Any thought on this? Am I missing something?



            Milan J

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              Hello Milan.J,


              That's weird. I'd suggest you to power the board using a DC power supply. The USB cable might not be providing the power required to boot correctly.




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                Hi Diego!


                I have given supply from the USB port on the back side of the CPU.  Earlier I was using front USB port to provide supply to Edison.

                I think front USB ports won't be providing sufficient current.

                I haven't faced problem again.  I'll update here my further observations but right now this is the status.




                Milan J