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    how I got the Compute Stick update to work


      Windows 10 version STCK1A32WFC


      First, on another computer, downloaded Windows 10 installation files, write to USB from Windows 10 website Windows 10.


      Connect USB drive in to Compute Stick using USB drive.


      Held the power button on Compute Stick to power down.  Then held the power button for 3 seconds (one-one thousand, two-one thousand, etc.),  only, no more.


      Push F4, to get in to Intel® Compute Stick BIOS Recovery Instructions   


      After Bios Recovery, install Windows 10 from USB drive.


      No hangs, was able to get installed.


      Went to Intel website, using automatic update utility Intel® Driver Update Utility, let this update the drivers.


      Downloaded Windows 10 update , no problems, no hangs. Windows 10 1511.


      After all updates via updates in all settings.


      Downloaded Bios FC0031.bio update from here Intel® Driver Update Utility to USB drive


      During restart, went into update Bios, F7, found on USB drive, update Bios, no problems.


      No disable write cache, no other secrets.


      I'm no expert, but this worked for me.  I hope this helps others.