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    Latency questions regarding 730 and 3710/3610/3510


      The 730 product brief states: "Applications will benefit from the 50µs read latency." The 3x10 product brief states: "Applications benefit from 55µs typical latency with max read latencies of 500µs 99.9% of the time." No mention is made of max latencies in the 730 product brief.




      I compare these two statements to the difference between WDC Black and enterprise drives where the former will finish a read/write regardless of the time it takes, but the latter will stop trying to access a file after a certain amount of time to keep RAID operations from halting. In other words, enterprise drives must not be substituted for desktop drives and probably vice versa.


      Is the 3x10 product brief saying the same thing with its "max read latencies of 500µs 99.9% of the time" or is it simply stating the worst-case access?