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    IntelCPHS.log file huge (6GB) on Android device


      I have an Android tablet (HUDL2) and all the space has disappeared.  After reading some online discussions I found that the space is all being eaten by the log file IntelCPHS.log which is nearly 6GB.  It is located in the /data folder and although I can find the size of the file doing a ls -l /data/IntelCPHS.log I do not have read or write permissions to do anything with it.  The discussions recommend rooting the device to delete the file or restoring to factory default but both these options seem heavy handed.


      My question is which process is producing this log file (I'm assuming it is graphics related as it appears in other parts of this forum for windows graphics discussions).  I can discover the  following packages on the device installed by intel:

      • itux.apk    com.intel.thermal
      • WidiInputService.apk    com.intel.widi.uibc
      • SepService.apk    com.intel.security.service
      • IntelSecurityAssist.apk    com.intel.security.isa
      • HdmiSettings.apk    com.intel.hdmi
      • SecurityManagerService.apk    com.intel.asf.securitymanagerservice


      Then is there some command I can issue or some fix that will reset the log and limit its size.  It seems ridiculous that my tablet is unuseable after one year due to a log file.


      Thanks In Advance