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    SS4200-E: Windows Server Core 2008 Question


      On my previous post, I asked whether using DOM as storage to install Server 2008 Std into it.

      After some research, I have abandoned the idea as not feasible because the way SS4200 works.


      Because of low power requirement of SS4200, I am looking into possibility of using SS4200 for Windows Server Core 2008 installation.

      Per Microsoft, Server Core 2008 has memory footprint of approx. 180 MB vs 320 MB full installation.

      Possible Server Core roles are:

      • AD DS
      • AD LDS
      • DNS
      • DHCP
      • File Services
      • Print Services
      • Streaming Media Services
      • Web Server (IIS)
      • Hyper-V


      If I can use a few of those low memory footprint services, it would be a nice accomplishment.

      I understand that Server Core 2008 is not one of support OSs for SS4200, but then Server Core 2008 wasn't ready in current form when SS4200 shipped.

      Does anyone have comment on Server Core installation into SS4200 ?

      Or attempted installing Server Core or even Server 2008 or 2003 into SS4200 ?

      I will report back here for my research and attempt.


      *note/warning: Server Core is not for faint of heart from what I have been looking into so far.