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    Intel Network Adaptor Drive Windows 7 Wake Up Bug

      Intel ProSet Drive installed in a Lenovo X61 laptop computer with 32bit Windows 7

      system and Intel 82566MM Gigabyte Ethernet component,If the system sleeps

      with AC adaptor and wired network on, and if the  system is waked up with AC

      adaptor and wired network off, then Intel Proset Drive will quickly use up all CPU

      power, within 5 seconds the computer will freeze and you can do nothing but a

      hard reboot. If wake up with AC adaptor and wired nerwork on, then there's no

      such problem.


      Uninstall Intel ProSet Drive and use Windows 7 native drive for Intel 82566MM

      solves the problem. Reinstall ProSet will trigger the same problem. Have tested

      the newest ProSet v14.8.3 and older versions v14.7 and v14.3, all have the same