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    What is the most recent version of Yocto for Galileo (Gen2)?


      I've got some links inside all intel support pages about versions of Yocto.. but all of them its outdated..


      I want to upgrade my Yocto to get a new version of python, ssl (to work wget on https) and some libs (like OpenCV).


      And another question.. We have just Yocto ready for Galileo? We dont have any RedHat based system (Like Fedora) to put it on our Galileo??



      Im using: iot-devkit-201510010757-mmcblkp0-galileo.direct on SD Card, but /etc/version show me 201410161526

      uname -a: Linux clanton 3.8.7-yocto-standard #1 Thu Oct 16 16:06:45 PDT 2014 i586 GNU/Linux