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    SE7525rp2 - problem with 8gig ram


      Hey all,

      I have posted here before when I had a problem getting this system working properly... it didnt take long for someone to give me the information I needed to fix the problem.. so thanks!


      But now I have another problem that I can't figure out, so I hope someone here can!


      I'll try to keep this short. I have;

      Mobo: SE7525rp2

      RAM: 4gig ddr2 400

      OS: W7 Ultimate 64bit


      Ok.. so the problem is that, last year I decided to go from 4gig of ram to 8gig of ram (ddr2 400).

      It didnt work at first (the system would load up windows then after about 1 minute it would freeze or go to black screen with no response - oh, i was using vista 64bit then too).. but then after i reinstalled it for the 50th time (slight exaggeration) it worked without any problems. I don't know why.

      Then about a month later after no problems, it happened again and the system would keep freezing so I reverted back to the 4gig.


      I was hoping this was just an issue with Vista but I gues not because the same freezing/black screen happens with w7 when i installed it today.


      The bios counts all 8gig in the system but it just doesn't want to play nice..

      I asked on some other forums and all they could suggest was that the voltage was different between the 4gig and 8gig... I don't know much about that stuff but from what I can see on the sticks is that both lots are the same voltage.


      Anyway, I can't figure it out but I would really like to get the 8gig working in the system again.

      I appreciate any help that people here can give me!