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    NUC5i5RYH no Dolby/DTS using HDMI on Win 10


      Hi everyone,


      I'm running win 10 on Intel NUC5i5RYH which is connected via HDMI to my Pioneer SC-LX57 receiver.

      Before NUC I had no audio problems what so ever.

      Now with Win 10 on NUC I can only get PCM mode from my receiver when trying to watch MKV on KODI or any other player.

      I've updated to the latest INTEL Display & Audio driver but that didn't solve anything for me. 

      I've tried removing Intel Display Drivers and let WIN 10 identify audio/video for me (And it did assign an MS driver), but that didn't solve anything either.


      Right now I can't get any sound out of this system other than PCM on KODI. Not even windows events sounds.


      Please help me!