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    Pc Stick Bricked


      After I try to update windows 10 recovery, my pc stick32 was hang during install.

      bios version 31

      F8 Recovery boot not working.


      Any idea to fix this?

      Is that possible to recover by windows installation usb or else?

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          Hi Paichanut,


          It is possible to reinstall the operating system in your stick if you previously created a copy of the OS pre-installed; otherwise, it is necessary to replace the unit. Microsoft® does not allow us to send a copy of the operating system to customers.


          Please replace it through our Contact Support team.


          Mike C


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            I also encountered similar situation.  But I prepared a USB before with recovery images through Windows Recovery Disk Creation.  When I boot from the recovery USB stick with W32 stick, and selected full clean/reset of the W32 stick, it always complains "Unable to reset your PC.  A required drive partition is missing."


            When I use the recovery disk to boot in Desktop with blank hard disk, it can proceed with normal and prompt me whether to partition the hard disk or keep the existing partition.  All the reset operations are successful in Desktop PC. Therefore, I can tell the USB is working.  I can see all the required partition are created in Desktop environment.  I even deleted all partitions in W32 stick through diskpart.exe in command prompt of advance options.  Same error will be prompted, and no success.


            Any other mean I can reset my W32 stick and recover windows 8.1? already flashed with latest BIOS version 0031.

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              Hi falcon2002kk,


              The stick is trying to restore the OS from the image previously saved in the drive; but the stick is already blank, you already cleaned and reset the stick.


              Did you create a Windows® 10 image from the stick or from any other computer? I believe the product key is the issue in your case.


              Let me know if you follow these steps; they apply to Windows® 10.

              Create a USB recovery drive - Windows Help


              Mike C

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                i did create a usb recovery disk after the first boot into win8.1, but the usb recovery disk cannot recover the stick and just complain missing a partition as i mentined before.

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                  Hi Paichanut and falcon2002kk,


                  There is a workaround for the Windows® 10 update issue. Please follow the instructions described by in the first thread.


                  FC Windows TH2 update instructions.pdf

                  Microsoft Windows® 10 Threshold 2 Update Guide


                  Mike C