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    Thinking of buying a NUC6i3SYH. Thoughts???


      Hi everyone.


      Been reading into NUC's past few days and was wondering what everyone thought of NUC6i3SYH (skylake) ??


      Everyone have one and what do you think of it???


      I have a dated gaming PC atm and am selling it due to the lack of USB3 and dated graphics card (GTX 580 hydro) (can't do 4k) so was looking at getting a NUC until the summer.


      Plans for NUC..... Watch 4K videos, general browsing, AutoCAD, Photoshop... etc


      Just a few questions if I may for people that may be able to answer them -


      1.  I assume the i3 skylake would be able to handle 4k fairly easily?? specs say it could but from experience????


      2. Anyone use AutoCAD or Photoshop on the above NUC?? your thoughts??


      3. Anyone had a positive experience with the above NUC using Corsair RAM??


      Thank you for your time.