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    Compute Stick seems to sleep for no reason




      I have a fully working Intel Compute Stick (stck1a32wfc) Windows 10 home (latest), all power saver is off (no sleep for anything), no keyboard installed (its a media box for the TV), i think its BIOS set to green or balanced mode (not Windows, but the BIOS).


      It will "sleep" with the blue light on for what appears to be no reason, when i turn the TV to it, nothing, no PING (we use a StarTech USB Ethernet adapter, not WiFi), i have to hold the power button to turn it off then do it again to turn it on.


      Windows complains about last know boot cycle for no reason, however it will have nothing in the event log for 10 days (so its sleeping), so whats going on?  How do i stop this from sleep, is this a keyboard / mouse issue (as it doesn't have one and if it did it would be bluetooth anyway), however it appears dead and no setting should allow this to sleep at all from Windows.




      Many Thanks