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    Connect BLE device to the Intel Edison problem


      Hi all,


      I am doing a IoT project using Intel edison. I have a PIR sensor with BLE functionality. I want the PIR BLE sensor to be a peripheral and the Edison to act as a central. When the motion is detected, the sensor send a char '1', otherwise it sends '0 to the Edison board. Once the Edison received the data, it will display it using serial port. 


      I have read the Intel Edison Bluetooth Guide Chapter 6.1 and it tells me how to unblock the Bluetooth and connect to other devices (bluetoothctl---scan on---connect). I found my BLE device and connected to it successfully. Now it is the problem of how the Edison receive data coming from the sensor. I found many people used  SPP_loopback.py to communicate with their BLE device. Is it the right direction that I should go?


      By the way, I am not very familiar with linux command, " using SCP, copy SPP_loopback.py file over to your board“, how should I do that ?

      And I am using arduino IDE and Windows 8.1.


      Thanks !


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