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    Intel Compute Stick Round 2


      So I bought my first Compute Stick and it worked for a day then died. I started my new 2nd stick , started thought the setup then said "This could take a while" so I came back and had a blank screen I got  the prompt but nothing else. I pressed the space bar but nothing happened so what the F*** is going with these Damn things. Someone PLEASE respond!

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          Hello stanj,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          I’m sorry for the issue you are having with the Intel® Compute Stick.


          Please try the following:

          Update the Intel® Compute Stick BIOS; please download the latest BIOS version for this unit at:

          Download BIOS Update [FCBYT10H.86A]


          In this case I recommend doing a BIOS recovery and you can follow the steps at:

          Intel® Compute Stick BIOS Recovery Instructions


          After that is done reset the system to factory defaults:

          1. Remove any SD card, if installed.
          2. Press F8 when you see this prompt during boot: F8 to Activate Windows 8.1/10 Recovery Mode.
          3. Select Troubleshoot.
          4. Select Reset your PC, then select Next.
          5. Select just remove my files.
          6. Select Reset to start the restore process.


          After that is done please continue with the set up.


          Best regards,