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    Intel Quark D1000 Error when programming with Eclipse on Win



      I am trying to install the SDK for  Quark D1000, but it always gives me a specific error:

          1. On Linux: it says Path to 'iqdc' not found. (even though I have set the correct path to IQDC on eclipse, and system enivronment ).

              it basically says '<install_dir>/tools/compiler/bin/iqdc' not found in PATH


          2. On Windows, this error doesn't happen, and it worked fine the first time but now gives me the following error on openOCD:

                 Error: libusb_open() failed with LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_FOUND

         Error: libusb_open() failed with LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED

         Error: no device found

         Error: unable to open ftdi device with vid 0403, pid 6010, description '*' and serial '*'

         Runtime Error: M:\intel\ISSM_d1000_2015.3.024\tools\debugger\openocd\scripts\aura_ftdi.cfg:15:

         in procedure 'script'

         at file "embedded:startup.tcl", line 58

         in procedure 'init' called at file "M:\intel\ISSM_d1000_2015.3.024\tools\debugger\openocd\scripts\aura_ftdi.cfg", line 15


      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank you