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    SKYLAKE NUC - PTT Platform Trust Technology - AES Encryption Coprocessor - TPM 2.0 Capabilities - System Hardening - When will Intel Visual BIOS be configured to allow for NUC system security and hardening?


      When will Intel Visual BIOS be updated to access the embedded SKYLAKE PTT and AES Encryption coprocessor with TPM 2.0 capabilities to allow for the Skylake NUC systems to be secured and hardened?  Is there a fix or workaround possible?  If not, I have to return NUC to Newegg before my 30 days are up.  A reply would be appreciated.   


      System Tested:  NUC6i3SYK

      Manufactured: 12/2015

      Intel Visual BIOS Version:  SYSKLi35.86A.0028.2015.1112.1822

      M.2 SSD: SAMSUNG 950 PRO 256GB


      Intel Visual BIOS Settings:


      Boot Settings:


      Boot Priority:

      UEFI Boot selected;

      Legacy Boot deselected.


      UEFI Install Verified in MSW 10 Pro Administrator PowerShell with script "Confirm-SecureBootUEFI" with a "True" response.


      Secure Boot: Selected;

      Secure Boot Mode set to Standard;

      Platform Key set to Installed;

      Key Exchange Key set to Installed;

      Signature Database Installed;

      Blacklisted Signature Database set to Installed;

      Install Intel Platform Key greyed-out in a deselected state.

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