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    Xeon skt 604 667 fsb upgrade path


      Hi all,


      I'm not sure if this questions has been posted before but could not find anything so here goes.

      I just purchased a HP ML570 G3 quad processor (capable) machine. It has the Intel E8500 chipset and

      2 xeon MP 3.16g 1m l2 cache hyper tread processors  2005-2006 era.


      Cranford core I believe



      According to HP Any of these processors can be installed


      Dual-core Intel Xeon Processor at 3.00 GHz\2x2MB  (7040)
      Intel Xeon Processor at 3.33 GHz\8MB
      Intel Xeon Processor at 3.00 GHz\8MB
      Dual-core Intel Xeon Processor at 2.66 GHz\2x1MB  (7020)
      Intel Xeon Processor at 2.83 GHz\4MB
      Intel Xeon Processor at 3.66 GHz\1MB
      Intel Xeon Processor at 3.16 GHz\1MB


      I think I may want to replace the pair with the dual core 7020 or 7040 Paxville processors in the near future.


      However, I see that intel has 7100 series that have same socket 604  and fsb freq etc.


      • Tulsa – 65 nm process (2.5 – 3.4 GHz)
        • Introduced August 29, 2006
        • Dual-Core Xeon 7100-series
        • Improved version of Paxville MP
        • 667 MT/s or 800 MT/s FSB


      Can any one specualte if the 7100 series is compatable on a system that originally offered the 7000 series processors?


      If these are compatible,  would I see much performance diffference between a similar clocked processor?

      Or I should just stick 1or 2 more of the same and spend the $ elsewhere?