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    Unable to update graphics driver - older version is the update?


      I have a Windows 7 Home Premium desktop computer (I can't recall whether it's 32-bit or 64-bit at the moment) with the Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family graphics driver. (I'm not sure exactly where it fits into the equation, but I have an Intel Core 2 Duo thing. Not quite sure what it's called.) I went to go and update the video card because I'm unable to run Minecraft (the video card being very outdated), and following the download my computer told me that I was trying to replace it with an older version. I have 8.something on my desktop, and for whatever reason Intel tried to give me 7.something. The latest version of the driver is, so I really don't understand why it tried to give me an older version.


      I tried to update it again multiple times with the same result - I even installed the Intel Driver Update Utility to see if there was just a problem with downloading it from the Intel website.


      My question is, why is Intel trying to give me an older version of the graphics driver, and how can I get the actual latest version?


      I also have another closely related question that I don't need answered as much as I do the first, but I'd still like to know: what would happen if I attempted to install a completely different graphics driver? Would it wreck the computer? I genuinely have no idea what would happen, and Googling it hasn't really answered my questions. I'd like to continue using my desktop as normal without losing any of my own personal files.


      I'll provide a lot more information about the driver and plenty of links when I have access to my desktop - I took a quite a few screenshots


      This is the driver update I tried to download.