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    Raid 1 on Windows 10, 2 drives showing..


      Ohla.. So I've gone through hell and back and can't get this to work. I've reinstalled windows like 5 times but nothing seems to work so now I'm looking for help..

      I'm running a fully updated Windows 10 installed in Raid mode on an Asus P5Q-Deluxe motherboard. Bios is latest version.. Raid1.

      Problem nr1:
      In the raid setup my two 3TB drives (same modell) show up as one drive. All though it shows as 746gb instead of 3tb.
      Problem nr2: In the bios the raid shows as 1 drive. But when I sign in to Windows they are 2 sepparate drives in Windows DIsk Manager...????
      Problem Nr 3: when I run the latest version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver it says it's a successfull installation but after reboot I get BSOD saying Boot device is not working so that's not an option..

      What am I missing, please help! Thanks in advance..