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    SR-IOV 82599 Virtual Function cannot have more than 4 RX/TX queue pair


      Hypervisor: RHEL 7.0 KVM and ESXi 5.5

      Hardware HP Blade Server BL 460 with Intel Mezzanine with two 82599 port.


      Did setup SR-IOV and was not configure a virtual function to have more than 4 queue pair (RX/TX).  As a result we cannot run a dpdk application that has more than 4 fast path cores.


      On KVM did upgrade the driver to latest ixgbe-4.1.5 and still did not make any difference.



      In this document http://dpdk.org/doc/guides/nics/intel_vf.html found following is mentioned

      • Using the DPDK PMD PF ixgbe driver to enable VF RSS:


      Same steps as above to install the modules of uio,
      igb_uio, specify max_vfs for PCI device, and launch the DPDK testpmd/example or
      your own host daemon application using the DPDK PMD library.

      The available queue number(at most4) per VF depends on the total number of pool,
      which is determined by the max number of VF at PF initialization stage and the
      number of queue specified in config:


      Wanted to know if this is the current limitation ?  Is it possible to have more than 4 queue pairs per VF and has anyone able to do it ?


      Any help/information is highly appreciated.