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    resolution problem with vga intel 4600


      my laptop msi 2oc with nvedia 750m and intel 4600, I was on windows 8.1 then upgraded to windows 10 but had to return back to 8.1 after 2 months of usage for windows 10 so I formated just the windows and installed 8.1 but I faced some problems, solved them but still 1 which is my desktop resolution 1920*1080 but my desktop real resolution is less, I mean it's fake, and it's more clear on installation windows and some programms..

      the responsible for the desktop resolution is the vga intel I tried to download all versions of drivers and from official sites only but didn't work!!

      so help pls and thanks

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          Hello, RoDiii:


          Have you tested the system with the drivers provided by MSI?


          While using OEM devices the recommendation is to download and install the drivers directly from their website.


          This is to maintain any possible special feature or settings that may not be available with the generic Intel® drivers.


          Would you please provide us with a picture of the "fake" resolution you are getting? and possibly a comparison with the "real" resolution you had or see in another system.


          I look forward to your reply.



          Esteban C